Pre Purchase Auto Inspection

Local professional pre purchase auto inspection review as a 3rd party service gives second choice thoroughly inspected before you buy used vehicle at Craigslist or any dealership. We come or travel to you


0:11 At Pre purchase Auto Inspection Memphis we perform a full bumper to bumper inspection.
0:15 Test drive & diagnostics.
0:16 We ensure your automobile is thoroghly inspected
0:18 before you make an automobile buying decision.
0:24 Any signs of wear & tear on the vehicle. That's including the engine, interior, the paint & body,
0:29 Check for any kind of rust or oil leaks underneath the car.
0:33 Checking the tires, checking for tire depth
0:35 We're going to check the break pads and break pad life.
0:37 We're going to run our index finger down the panels of the car.
0:40 This is going to check for any kind of paint work or body work or to see if the car has been in any kind of accident.
0:45 We check the exhuast. We check for any kind of smells
0:48 We check for any kind of odors
0:49 We check if there is any kind of smoke coming out of the tail pipes
0:52 Sometimes this will leave a residue on the rear bumper
0:55 Windshield wipers. Make sure they're not dry or if they need to be replaced maybe you can
0:58 bring it up to the dealership and have them replaced before you take delivery of the vehicle
1:02 Functions of the sunroof or the convertiable top
1:05 Make sure they go back correctly and return in their proper position
1:09 The headlights. We check out the fog lights
1:11 Make sure they are working properly
1:13 Sometimes they can build a haze or a fog over the lens
1:17 And this could be address with the dealership or the seller to be fixed
1:20 By law all seat belts should be working in a proper function
1:24 When we inspect the tires we check out the wheels plus the tires.
1:27 We check for any kind of curb rash that occurs on the lining of the rim
1:31 We for the side wall of the tire to make sure there is no damage
1:35 We actually use a penny and we use Abraham Lincoln's head as a tire depth
1:40 So you can actually see it when we take a picture of it to see how deep the tire tread is still
1:44 And if the tread comes up to Abraham Lincoln's hair line
1:48 Then you still have good tread depth on the tire.
1:50 Some vehicles come with a navigation
1:52 What we do is, we check to make sure it has a navigation disc
1:54 that is suppose to come with the navigation to make it work properly.
2:01 First of all, you get a second pair of professional eyes
2:02 To look at the vehicle for you
2:04 If you're buying form a dealer or a seller
2:07 It give you leverage, say if there is something wrong with the car
2:09 Maybe you can negotiate a price
2:11 We go in there, we try to find any kind of issues
2:13 That need to be addressed or fixed, minor or major
2:16 We're going to go through the vehicle and make sure its a good running car, a good quality car
2:20 That way you can make a smart buying decision.
2:22 Plus! It can save you money down the road.
2:27 We check for a number of things
2:28 We check for brakes
2:30 We check the brakes out to make sure there is no squeals
2:31 Make sure there is no vibration
2:32 Make sure it doesn't pull to the right or the left when braking.
2:36 We'll do a full left turn and a full right turn
2:39 This is going to be checking for any kind of popping noises in the axil or ball joints
2:43 Make sure the tires aren't rubbing in the fenders
2:45 We'll check the acceleration of the vehicle. Make sure the car is not missing.
2:48 Make sure it has a good acceleration
2:51 Plus, if it needs a tune up or not. We'll be able to tell that
2:54 If the transmissions shifting properly
2:59 This is going to give you a 360 view of the vehicle
3:02 Inside going to be the inside and outside
3:05 Engine compartment and the car running
3:07 So you can hear the sound of the vehicle running.
3:09 When buying the 150 point inspection with 35 plus photos
3:13 What we're going to do is give you more of a visual on the vehicle
3:16 We're going to do close of any faults of the vehicle
3:18 Such as scratches, dings, tire tread pattern
3:21 Battery corrosion on the battery
3:23 Leaks underneath the car, rust issues, interior, such as stains
3:28 Stuff that visible so you can actually see it for yourself
3:31 And make a smart buying decision
3:38 We talk to the customers directly
3:40 We have a main concerns box on our website
3:43 That you can address concerns that you want inspected more thoroughly
3:46 We do 150 point thorough inspection
3:49 All car inspections are completed within 48 hour period
3:51 If a rush order is needed
3:53 Please call or contact the main line and we can do it within a 24 hour period