Purchasing a car can be a very anxiety producing experience. We're looking for a vehicle that looks great, runs fast and is reliable enough for us to know that we're going to get to work everyday. Reliability can be hard to distinguish. A car may look great, but can have the tendency to break down everyday. Luckily there's a way for us to purchase a car confidently. Without even having to take it off the lot. All we need is the pre-purchase vehicle inspection Memphis, TN list. Here are a few things you should put on your list.

Diagnostic Tests

Cars are tested by their manufacturer before they're even put on the lot. The airbags are tested, along with the engine and transmission. Be sure that you have these reports. If the car, or other cars in its class, has passed all of these with flying colors, you can rest assure knowing your purchasing a car that's going to run as well as the advertisements say it will.

Undercarriage Inspection

This inspection's especially important for pre-owned cars. Pre-owned cars have more time to develop frame damage, rust and leaky pipes. Simply look at the undercarriage of a car before you take it off the lot.

Interior Inspection

The principle of the interior inspection's much the same as the undercarriage inspection. You are looking for visible damage. Except instead of looking at the frames and beneath the car, you should look for signs of damage on the dashboard, radio and seats. Make sure the locks work and the radio turns on. While rare, these problems can occur in cars that are new. So every vehicle being purchased should undergo this step.

Exterior Inspection

You may need to turn on the car for an exterior inspection. As you are going to be looking for a broken light in this step. A potential buyer of the car should also turn the steering wheel to make the wheels are aligned and working properly. The only part of the exterior inspection that'll take place outside the car is looking at the paint job.

Road Tests

While not completely necessary, taking a car out on the road is an important step in gauging it's value. You can check the alignment of the car, see if the breaks squeak and make sure the suspension on them is all right.


The history of the car should also be put on your checklist. Some cars show visible signs of previous accidents and flood damage. If the car you're interested in does not, don't be afraid to ask the Memphis dealer or the previous owner. They have to disclose this information if they want to sell you the car.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Memphis: Make Sure You're Taking A Great Vehicle Off The Lot

You don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a vehicle that isn't going to run. That's why the pre-purchase vehicle inspection Memphis, Tennessee are as important as they are. It also stops you from paying too much for a car. The damage, either by paint chips or previous accidents, should be accounted for in the price.