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Local professional pre purchase auto inspection review as a 3rd party service gives second choice thoroughly inspected before you buy used vehicle at Craigslist or any dealership. We come or travel to you


0:11 At Pre purchase Auto Inspection Memphis we perform a full bumper to bumper inspection.
0:15 Test drive & diagnostics.
0:16 We ensure your automobile is thoroghly inspected
0:18 before you make an automobile buying decision.
0:24 Any signs of wear & tear on the vehicle. That's including the engine, interior, the paint & body,
0:29 Check for any kind of rust or oil leaks underneath the car.
0:33 Checking the tires, checking for tire depth
0:35 We're going to check the break pads and break pad life.
0:37 We're going to run our index finger down the panels of the car.
0:40 This is going to check for any kind of paint work or body work or to see if the car has been in any kind of accident.
0:45 We check the exhuast. We check for any kind of smells
0:48 We check for any kind of odors
0:49 We check if there is any kind of smoke coming out of the tail pipes
0:52 Sometimes this will leave a residue on the rear bumper
0:55 Windshield wipers. Make sure they're not dry or if they need to be replaced maybe you can
0:58 bring it up to the dealership and have them replaced before you take delivery of the vehicle
1:02 Functions of the sunroof or the convertiable top
1:05 Make sure they go back correctly and return in their proper position
1:09 The headlights. We check out the fog lights
1:11 Make sure they are working properly
1:13 Sometimes they can build a haze or a fog over the lens
1:17 And this could be address with the dealership or the seller to be fixed
1:20 By law all seat belts should be working in a proper function
1:24 When we inspect the tires we check out the wheels plus the tires.
1:27 We check for any kind of curb rash that occurs on the lining of the rim
1:31 We for the side wall of the tire to make sure there is no damage
1:35 We actually use a penny and we use Abraham Lincoln's head as a tire depth
1:40 So you can actually see it when we take a picture of it to see how deep the tire tread is still
1:44 And if the tread comes up to Abraham Lincoln's hair line
1:48 Then you still have good tread depth on the tire.
1:50 Some vehicles come with a navigation
1:52 What we do is, we check to make sure it has a navigation disc
1:54 that is suppose to come with the navigation to make it work properly.
2:01 First of all, you get a second pair of professional eyes
2:02 To look at the vehicle for you
2:04 If you're buying form a dealer or a seller
2:07 It give you leverage, say if there is something wrong with the car
2:09 Maybe you can negotiate a price
2:11 We go in there, we try to find any kind of issues
2:13 That need to be addressed or fixed, minor or major
2:16 We're going to go through the vehicle and make sure its a good running car, a good quality car
2:20 That way you can make a smart buying decision.
2:22 Plus! It can save you money down the road.
2:27 We check for a number of things
2:28 We check for brakes
2:30 We check the brakes out to make sure there is no squeals
2:31 Make sure there is no vibration
2:32 Make sure it doesn't pull to the right or the left when braking.
2:36 We'll do a full left turn and a full right turn
2:39 This is going to be checking for any kind of popping noises in the axil or ball joints
2:43 Make sure the tires aren't rubbing in the fenders
2:45 We'll check the acceleration of the vehicle. Make sure the car is not missing.
2:48 Make sure it has a good acceleration
2:51 Plus, if it needs a tune up or not. We'll be able to tell that
2:54 If the transmissions shifting properly
2:59 This is going to give you a 360 view of the vehicle
3:02 Inside going to be the inside and outside
3:05 Engine compartment and the car running
3:07 So you can hear the sound of the vehicle running.
3:09 When buying the 150 point inspection with 35 plus photos
3:13 What we're going to do is give you more of a visual on the vehicle
3:16 We're going to do close of any faults of the vehicle
3:18 Such as scratches, dings, tire tread pattern
3:21 Battery corrosion on the battery
3:23 Leaks underneath the car, rust issues, interior, such as stains
3:28 Stuff that visible so you can actually see it for yourself
3:31 And make a smart buying decision
3:38 We talk to the customers directly
3:40 We have a main concerns box on our website
3:43 That you can address concerns that you want inspected more thoroughly
3:46 We do 150 point thorough inspection
3:49 All car inspections are completed within 48 hour period
3:51 If a rush order is needed
3:53 Please call or contact the main line and we can do it within a 24 hour period

Purchasing a car can be a very anxiety producing experience. We're looking for a vehicle that looks great, runs fast and is reliable enough for us to know that we're going to get to work everyday. Reliability can be hard to distinguish. A car may look great, but can have the tendency to break down everyday. Luckily there's a way for us to purchase a car confidently. Without even having to take it off the lot. All we need is the pre-purchase vehicle inspection Memphis, TN list. Here are a few things you should put on your list.

Diagnostic Tests

Cars are tested by their manufacturer before they're even put on the lot. The airbags are tested, along with the engine and transmission. Be sure that you have these reports. If the car, or other cars in its class, has passed all of these with flying colors, you can rest assure knowing your purchasing a car that's going to run as well as the advertisements say it will.

Undercarriage Inspection

This inspection's especially important for pre-owned cars. Pre-owned cars have more time to develop frame damage, rust and leaky pipes. Simply look at the undercarriage of a car before you take it off the lot.

Interior Inspection

The principle of the interior inspection's much the same as the undercarriage inspection. You are looking for visible damage. Except instead of looking at the frames and beneath the car, you should look for signs of damage on the dashboard, radio and seats. Make sure the locks work and the radio turns on. While rare, these problems can occur in cars that are new. So every vehicle being purchased should undergo this step.

Exterior Inspection

You may need to turn on the car for an exterior inspection. As you are going to be looking for a broken light in this step. A potential buyer of the car should also turn the steering wheel to make the wheels are aligned and working properly. The only part of the exterior inspection that'll take place outside the car is looking at the paint job.

Road Tests

While not completely necessary, taking a car out on the road is an important step in gauging it's value. You can check the alignment of the car, see if the breaks squeak and make sure the suspension on them is all right.


The history of the car should also be put on your checklist. Some cars show visible signs of previous accidents and flood damage. If the car you're interested in does not, don't be afraid to ask the Memphis dealer or the previous owner. They have to disclose this information if they want to sell you the car.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Memphis: Make Sure You're Taking A Great Vehicle Off The Lot

You don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a vehicle that isn't going to run. That's why the pre-purchase vehicle inspection Memphis, Tennessee are as important as they are. It also stops you from paying too much for a car. The damage, either by paint chips or previous accidents, should be accounted for in the price.